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Spooky Canada

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My fellow Canadians! Come share your spooky tales with us!

Canada is a country filled with spooky lore. This community is about anything paranormal in Canada, whether that be haunted places, native monsters to alien sightings, and much more. Ghost tours, haunted houses (real or fake!), pics and of course stories from all the provinces would be great to share!

  • If you are going to be posting pictures bigger than 300X300, please use a LJ-CUT! If you don't know how to, please go HERE. Offending large pic posts will be deleted.
  • Please do not type in all caps! or AlL wOnkY LIke ThIS. It's friggen annoying
  • If you wish to tell us about another community within the spooky genre, please feel free. I *do* ask that you let me advertise in your community as well.
  • You can email your moderators at dulcet_discordATyahooDOTcom and pan_foresterATyahooDOTca

    Also, if you are a fan of Halloween:

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