That Wacky FishGrrl (dulcet_discord) wrote in spooky_canada,
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Let us seeeeeeeeee!

Hello folks!
I would love to see any ghostly pics you have, or hear any EVP's, or would love to read of any spooky encounters you have had!

C'mon guys, there's gotta be *someone* out there who has had some kinda spooky thing happen to them??

I think that this year, I;m going to make an extra effort to visit the 'haunted' areas of the lower mainland here in BC. I've gathered lots of info, so now it's just a matter of convinving a friend with a car to scoot around with me :D There is a 'ghost hunter' group I could join, but I would like to wait till next year at least..

So?? I DARE you..No, I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU to spook me with your posts!
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