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Let us seeeeeeeeee!

Hello folks!
I would love to see any ghostly pics you have, or hear any EVP's, or would love to read of any spooky encounters you have had!

C'mon guys, there's gotta be *someone* out there who has had some kinda spooky thing happen to them??

I think that this year, I;m going to make an extra effort to visit the 'haunted' areas of the lower mainland here in BC. I've gathered lots of info, so now it's just a matter of convinving a friend with a car to scoot around with me :D There is a 'ghost hunter' group I could join, but I would like to wait till next year at least..

So?? I DARE you..No, I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU to spook me with your posts!
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oooOOOOooo!!!! Let me know when one of your fieldtrips is planned *also a Vancouverite*! I'm always up ghost-hunting!
YAY! A fellow spooks lover! And local, to boot :D

I haven't joined yet, for a couple of reasons, but once I do, I'll be sure to let you know :)
I found this photo online. It was supposedly taken in an old school room in Halifax, Nova Scotia. SUPPOSEDLY if you look closely enough, you can see very faint outlines of purported ghosts sitting in the rear most desks...

click here
Ya know..there was this wee voice, in the back if my mindm saying "Get ready, it;s once of thiose screaners"..Yeah, and you still got me, you bastard! hahahahaha!
I`m a ghost hunter and have gotten EVP at Mountainview cemetery.This is our freeweb site with EVP on it.We`re headed on another "hunt" shortly.
Well then, I think you should post a link, so we can all check it out! :)
Awww, one didn't work! But the other was nifty :D Thanks for sharing!

I plan on ringing my digicam to the ghost walk at Deer Lake in burnaby that we will be going to (Ceperley house is one of the places we will be visiting) Can't wait!