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Haunted Canada: Alberta

By Yona Williams
Apr 13, 2006, 22:20

Throughout Canada, there are numerous cities that all have a story to tell. Some just have more of a voice than other, like the area of Alberta, where unruly spirits haunts theaters, and schools built upon old burial grounds have unexplainable events occur.

In Edmonton, you will encounter the Walterdale Theater, which originally stood as a fire hall during the 1920s. When the 60s came, it was transformed into a non-profit theater playhouse. While visiting the building, several individuals claim to have met up with ghosts that haunt the premises. They have been seen in the back stairwell, which are frequented by technicians and actors. The ghosts make appearances in the Green Room, as well as are thought to be responsible for the misplacement of props, flickering lights and cold spots.

The Empress Theater at Fort Macleod is the location where a ghost has decided to remain throughout the years. This site is known for the numerous ghostly encounters that occur in both the upstairs and downstairs of the theater. At the Old Movie Theater in Grande Prairie, the site caught on fire and burned while people were still inside. When walking through the theater, you may feel as if you are being watched, as well as hear the faint whispers coming from an unknown source. Footsteps may come and go, sometimes sounding as if they are running away from you. When you look to see who is in the area, you are the only one in the room. The sounds of screams may be heard and a ghost who seems to be on fire appears on occasion.

During the 1940s, the Community Cultural Center in Brooks used to be an old hospital. Many people passed away on the premises, prompting several ghost sighting reports. Some of the ghosts that have been documented include a former janitor, a young boy, as well as 75 other ghostly visitors. Employees have used an Ouija board to communicate with a 9-year-old boy, who makes his fear of the hospital known.

The Calling Lake School can be found close to 2 hours away from Edmonton. The school was constructed upon an old Native American burial ground. Dark shadows have been reported to haunt the site and visitors often feel as if they are being watched by an unknown entity.

Several haunted spots can be found in Edmonton. At Concordia College, it is said that some nights produce the sound of a choir singing through the wall in the boys dormitory. The sounds of slamming doors can also be heard when no one is around to blame. The ghost of a former teacher is thought to roam the halls. Schwarman Hall is also the site of haunted tales. At the John A. McDougall Elementary School, the ghost of a girl has been spotted walking up and down the stairs. Legend has it that she lost her life while sliding down the banister located in the stairwell as someone pushed her off from behind. Unexplainable shadows and cold spots can be encountered when one visits the Old Strathcoa Guilty Martini. Some have even claimed to be touched on their shoulder by an unknown source.

At the Syncrude Towers in Fort McMurray, the third floor is believed to be quite haunted. There are two condominiums on the premises that present an eerie feeling. The sound of a fallen baseball hitting the floor can be heard when entering the first condo. It can be heard during the nighttime when people are on the first floor. The sound comes from up above. A spirit who likes to grab the arms of people as they sleep may haunt the second condo.

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