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Spooks galore

I had shut down this community last year, due to illness on my part. But now that the health is peachy once more, it's time to get all spooky!!! I would like to welcome back all the old members, and give a hearty HIYA to the new ones!

What I would like to know is this: Ouija Boards: Fact or Fiction? Have you ever used one? What were your experiences with them??

Personally, I am of two minds when it comes to all things paranormal. My "reason" side says it's a load of crap - people are the ones that are moving the planchette, even if they aren't aware that they are doing it. However, my "passion: side is open to all unknown things, and revels in thought of paranormal things being true.

I have used a Ouija board, both store bought & one made by a friend (selestialblue) & I. We used to have weekly Ouija sessions with some other friends of ours. There was a spirit, or so we believe, that used to visit on a regular basis. He's moved objects that we picked, turned appliances & electrical equipment off & on, and when he was there, you could "feel" his presence. He was not a malevolant spirit at all; rather a lonely boy, playful & happy to "see" us :)

We have come across some less-than-pleasant spirits, but have always managed to banish them accordingly.

So, tell me of your spiritual adventures with the Ouija!
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