That Wacky FishGrrl (dulcet_discord) wrote in spooky_canada,
That Wacky FishGrrl

Haunted walking tour

Mark and I and some friends all went on a Haunted walking tour on thr grounds of thr Burnaby Museum. These are the pics I took at Ceperley House.. The red room was really the only place I felt a little "out of sorts". Not uncomfortable, just..not right

That orangish pic is of the fireplace in the main dining room of the house. My camera setting was on auto, so I have no idea where the colouring came from, nor where all that foggy stuff is from! 0_o

Though I'm not a huge believer of the whole "orbs" phenomena, I have to admit, these things are pretty friggen weird :P
Tags: haunted burnaby pics
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