That Wacky FishGrrl (dulcet_discord) wrote in spooky_canada,
That Wacky FishGrrl

Haunted walking tour

Mark and I and some friends all went on a Haunted walking tour on thr grounds of thr Burnaby Museum. These are the pics I took at Ceperley House.. The red room was really the only place I felt a little "out of sorts". Not uncomfortable, just..not right

That orangish pic is of the fireplace in the main dining room of the house. My camera setting was on auto, so I have no idea where the colouring came from, nor where all that foggy stuff is from! 0_o

Though I'm not a huge believer of the whole "orbs" phenomena, I have to admit, these things are pretty friggen weird :P
Tags: haunted burnaby pics
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HMMM very interesting! The orange pic is pretty strange.
That's what I thought when I first saw it ;)
not to sound like a total sceptic, but alot of those "orbs" could just be dust (cause it looks like a pretty old house so you guys probably were kicking up a lot of it) and the ones outside could be bugs reflecting off the camera. just throwing a little sceptisism in, I belive in orbs and catching stuff on camera but you gotta at least try the scpetic stuff before jumping straight to the conclusion that their ghosts right?
as for the orange....i cant think of anything that could do that. maybe something wrong with the camera, maybe you took a picture though a ghost and thats what happened. i dont know, that orange picture is pretty werid though!
Nothing wrong with the camera, cause the pics taken after that were just fine 0_o That orangy one, yesssss..I'm thinking about sending it to the Burnaby Museum: The tour guide asked that if we had "caught" anything with our cameras, to share with them :D
oooh do send do send
I will! I will!

Have ti talk to the friends that went on the tour with me, cause I can't remember that woman's name *ponders*
cant you just call the museum and be like "yo i was at your place and this chika said that if i had pictures to send them, and dude! i have pictures!" or some such silly thing.
i'm sure they'll tell you the chick's name, unless....she wasnt realy a chick and she was a ghost! oooooooh *snicker* mom gave me suger...not a good thing me and suger, it makes me stupid...
Not in those exact terms, but yeah - I was thinking about calling & asking about the tour guide ;)
I thought so, too! :D
CReeeeeEEEeeeepyyyy. O_O

I aint a huge believer of orbs either but it is weird indeed.
That house looks hella spooky; all that was missing was dismembered dolls missing an eye! O_-

The 4th picture is the most disturbing one, the man in it looks like a psycho!

Bwawawawah! XD I'm joking! I meant the 6th pictures the one with lots of fog. Weird. Weird. Weird.

You guys are brave to have gone there!

The 4th picture is the most disturbing one, the man in it looks like a psycho!

HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! He was one scary ghost - and he followed me home, too! :D