sirius_dragon (sirius_dragon) wrote in spooky_canada,

hello everyone
I stumbled across this group when i was parusing the groups for vancouver comms i could join when i finally DO move to vancouver (i should be there sometime in april)
I'm...intrested in the paranormal. i've had a few experences myself wtih the otherside (IE: seeing my dead grandparents like two days after they died. and mind you my grandpa died when i was, so when your seven and you tell your mom "mom i saw grandpa he was at the end of my bed" and she says it was a dream...kinda yah.) anyway, I know there are at least three spirits in my house, the thing in my familyroom, the thing in my computer room and at least one thing in my bedroom (which is, i dont mind telling you, creepy)
My friend from nova scotia came here to ontario to visit me (i live in windsor, litterally a stones throw from the border)and even HE felt something standing over him in my room when he was trying to sleep. and i hadn't told him about the thing in my room! his grandmother is fully native (so he's preeeetty) and told him all sortsa storys and he's seen stuff too!
but yah that's my intro...meh.
I look forward to maybe getting together for some hunts when i do arive in vancouver.
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