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Friday, October 27th, 2006
6:37 am - Warm-up for Hallowe'en...

Two days ago, I was getting ready for the Restore the Norm Theatre gala *at the movie theatre where I volunteer* when the oddness happened. I was standing just off to the front and side of a free-standing mirror. As I fussed with the windsor knot on my tie, I saw someone walk past in the mirror. I looked over to where the person should of been and of course, no one was there.

The interesting thing was that where I was standing in relation to the mirror, I couldn't see the doorway in the reflection and I was the only person at home.

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Tuesday, October 24th, 2006
11:03 pm - Haunted walking tour

Mark and I and some friends all went on a Haunted walking tour on thr grounds of thr Burnaby Museum. These are the pics I took at Ceperley House.. The red room was really the only place I felt a little "out of sorts". Not uncomfortable, just..not right

That orangish pic is of the fireplace in the main dining room of the house. My camera setting was on auto, so I have no idea where the colouring came from, nor where all that foggy stuff is from! 0_o

Though I'm not a huge believer of the whole "orbs" phenomena, I have to admit, these things are pretty friggen weird :P

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Sunday, October 15th, 2006
9:47 pm

ok a little off topic but i'm really despret.
um...i know there's alotta vancouverites on here so i was wondering if i could beg your help....
I Need to move to vancouver for school. hopefully for the winter 2007 semester. i'm poor right now. i have no job here, and i need to know of a place where i could live cheeply, hopefuly alone for a while. does anyone have a lead on a place for rent? apartment preferably, and somewhere by brodway (close to the VCC since that's where i'll be going.)
ya so if you fellow vancouverite spooks could lone me a hand i'd love you and take you for coffee ^_^

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Friday, October 13th, 2006
1:29 pm

hello everyone
I stumbled across this group when i was parusing the groups for vancouver comms i could join when i finally DO move to vancouver (i should be there sometime in april)
I'm...intrested in the paranormal. i've had a few experences myself wtih the otherside (IE: seeing my dead grandparents like two days after they died. and mind you my grandpa died when i was about....seven, so when your seven and you tell your mom "mom i saw grandpa he was at the end of my bed" and she says it was a dream...kinda yah.) anyway, I know there are at least three spirits in my house, the thing in my familyroom, the thing in my computer room and at least one thing in my bedroom (which is, i dont mind telling you, creepy)
My friend from nova scotia came here to ontario to visit me (i live in windsor, litterally a stones throw from the border)and even HE felt something standing over him in my room when he was trying to sleep. and i hadn't told him about the thing in my room! his grandmother is fully native (so he's preeeetty) and told him all sortsa storys and he's seen stuff too!
but yah that's my intro...meh.
I look forward to maybe getting together for some hunts when i do arive in vancouver.

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Sunday, October 8th, 2006
4:22 pm - Fellow Halloweenie Vancouverites!!!


I entered..what the heck? Would be a funky prop :)

*cross-posted in vancouver*

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3:52 pm - For Canadian fans of Halloween


*crossposted in halloween_fan, cause I can!*

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Saturday, September 23rd, 2006
11:09 am - Let us seeeeeeeeee!

Hello folks!
I would love to see any ghostly pics you have, or hear any EVP's, or would love to read of any spooky encounters you have had!

C'mon guys, there's gotta be *someone* out there who has had some kinda spooky thing happen to them??

I think that this year, I;m going to make an extra effort to visit the 'haunted' areas of the lower mainland here in BC. I've gathered lots of info, so now it's just a matter of convinving a friend with a car to scoot around with me :D There is a 'ghost hunter' group I could join, but I would like to wait till next year at least..

So?? I DARE you..No, I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU to spook me with your posts!

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Saturday, September 9th, 2006
12:50 am - Haunted Canada: Vancouver

By Yona Williams
Apr 30, 2006, 10:09

There are many delightful things to enjoy when visiting the destination of Vancouver, Canada, such as a host of beautiful skylines, Edwardian architecture and a deep history. Not only is this the third largest city that you will find throughout Canada, but it also serves as home to numerous ghost tales and strange occurrences.

When visiting the British Columbia Regiment, which is also the Beatty Street Armory area, you may not want to be in the vicinity during the night. There are a variety of sounds that you may encounter during a visit. Things have been known to fall from the walls and shelves, as well as books. Some have spotted the image of a man, who has roamed about various areas, such as the Officer’s Messes. Unexplainable footsteps have also been encountered at this location.

In Gastown, you will find the Old Spaghetti Factory, which is considered to be one of the most haunted restaurants that can be found in the area. It can be located close to an old trolley car, displaying an array of odd events. Reports have surfaced from some of the workers that a ghost had been spotted sitting in the trolley car. Some claim that they have even heard the ghost call out their names.

When looking for a place to stay, you may either avoid or welcome the haunted Hotel Vancouver. The main ghostly resident is a woman, who appears in red. She can be seen “gliding” through the hallways of the hotel. The elevator also seems to have a mind of its own. It has been known to stop at the 14th floor, where the door will open and the ghost is often encountered.

There is a set of remodeled office buildings that is referred to as Officer’s Row. A variety of paranormal activity has been reported to occur at this site. Unexplainable footsteps, cold spots, as well as touching from unknown entities have been known to happen. Another odd occurrence that has been documented is the strange ringing of telephones that aren’t even plugged into the phone jack. Dating back to 1927, the Orpheum is another haunted location within Vancouver. The ghost of an acrobat is known to haunt the premises. He lost his life while performing part of his vaudeville act.

At the Vogue Theater, the history of this site can be found dating back to the early 1940s. The locals believe that at least one ghost haunts this location. Those that work there have reported to hear weird noises, as well as unexplainable footsteps. The apparition of a man, who is dressed in a white tuxedo and black bow tie, has been spotted. A performer has even spotted the rather tall figure during a performance while they danced on the stage.

The University of British Columbia, located on 16th Avenue West presents a tale that has become the stuff that legends are made of. It starts with an argument that a woman and her boyfriend had, which left her on the side of the road. The weather was rainy and she had no other way of getting back home. The woman began to walk down 16th Ave, attempting to hitchhike. She was hit by a car and instantly killed. A little after her funeral was held, reports began to surface of a young lady who was hitchhiking along the same road. Many have tried to pick her up and help her on her way. Stories that the police have compiled state that if there is more than one person in the car, she will ignore them and keep walking, but if it is only a single male driver, she will accept the ride and hop into the back seat. When the driver attempted to ask her where she was heading, they would receive no answer. When they turned to look at her, they soon discovered that no one was in the back seat.

source: Unexplainable.Net

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Monday, September 4th, 2006
7:43 pm - A Canadian Folk Tale: La chasse-galerie

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The only place I could find it written in english was on a PDF file, so clicky here if you want to read it. It's a good old tale to read; pretend you're sitting by a fire when reading, with a hot cup of cocoa! ;)

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3:34 pm - Haunted Canada: Alberta

By Yona Williams
Apr 13, 2006, 22:20

Throughout Canada, there are numerous cities that all have a story to tell. Some just have more of a voice than other, like the area of Alberta, where unruly spirits haunts theaters, and schools built upon old burial grounds have unexplainable events occur.

In Edmonton, you will encounter the Walterdale Theater, which originally stood as a fire hall during the 1920s. When the 60s came, it was transformed into a non-profit theater playhouse. While visiting the building, several individuals claim to have met up with ghosts that haunt the premises. They have been seen in the back stairwell, which are frequented by technicians and actors. The ghosts make appearances in the Green Room, as well as are thought to be responsible for the misplacement of props, flickering lights and cold spots.

The Empress Theater at Fort Macleod is the location where a ghost has decided to remain throughout the years. This site is known for the numerous ghostly encounters that occur in both the upstairs and downstairs of the theater. At the Old Movie Theater in Grande Prairie, the site caught on fire and burned while people were still inside. When walking through the theater, you may feel as if you are being watched, as well as hear the faint whispers coming from an unknown source. Footsteps may come and go, sometimes sounding as if they are running away from you. When you look to see who is in the area, you are the only one in the room. The sounds of screams may be heard and a ghost who seems to be on fire appears on occasion.

During the 1940s, the Community Cultural Center in Brooks used to be an old hospital. Many people passed away on the premises, prompting several ghost sighting reports. Some of the ghosts that have been documented include a former janitor, a young boy, as well as 75 other ghostly visitors. Employees have used an Ouija board to communicate with a 9-year-old boy, who makes his fear of the hospital known.

The Calling Lake School can be found close to 2 hours away from Edmonton. The school was constructed upon an old Native American burial ground. Dark shadows have been reported to haunt the site and visitors often feel as if they are being watched by an unknown entity.

Several haunted spots can be found in Edmonton. At Concordia College, it is said that some nights produce the sound of a choir singing through the wall in the boys dormitory. The sounds of slamming doors can also be heard when no one is around to blame. The ghost of a former teacher is thought to roam the halls. Schwarman Hall is also the site of haunted tales. At the John A. McDougall Elementary School, the ghost of a girl has been spotted walking up and down the stairs. Legend has it that she lost her life while sliding down the banister located in the stairwell as someone pushed her off from behind. Unexplainable shadows and cold spots can be encountered when one visits the Old Strathcoa Guilty Martini. Some have even claimed to be touched on their shoulder by an unknown source.

At the Syncrude Towers in Fort McMurray, the third floor is believed to be quite haunted. There are two condominiums on the premises that present an eerie feeling. The sound of a fallen baseball hitting the floor can be heard when entering the first condo. It can be heard during the nighttime when people are on the first floor. The sound comes from up above. A spirit who likes to grab the arms of people as they sleep may haunt the second condo.


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2:36 pm - For Ontario folks :)

Haunted Hamilton's Paranormal Summit, 2006

I thought you might be interested. I would be if I lived there! :)

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Friday, August 4th, 2006
10:31 pm - Black Bartelmy's Ghost - Nova Scotia

retold by S. E. Schlosser

Black Bartelmy was an evil, surly buccaneer who murdered his wife and children and went to sea with a band of pirates as nasty as he. He roamed the Atlantic coast, murdering and pillaging and laying waste to the countryside as he passed. By the time he approached Cape Forchu in Nova Scotia, Black Bartelmy had a ship loaded with treasure; five hundred chests had he full of gold and jewels and goblets and mighty swords.

A thick Fundy fog lay over the bay as the ship approached, and the treacherous Fundy tide soon took hold of the evil man's ship. The crashing, churning waters of the Roaring Bull, that dangerous ledge of rocks near Cape Forchu, took the pirates ship and smashed its hull.

But Captain Bartelmy spotted land to the starboard side of the ship. He and his trusted mate Ben the Hook had the crew loaded up the escape boat with every treasure chest they could fit. Then the bold pirate had his first mate murder the other buccaneers so they would not have to share the treasure with them. Ben the Hook crouched just out of sight in the rocking escape boat and slit each man's throat with his hook as the seaman bent to place his burden in the hold. Then Ben threw each body over the side of the ship into the churning waters below so that the next pirate would not sense a trap when he came forward with his treasure.

When the treasure was loaded into the boat, Bartelmy and Ben the Hook rowed into the calmer waters of the cape. They searched for a place to bury their treasure. Finding a large cave, they piled each chest inside and then covered the entrance with rocks. As Ben the hook rolled the last boulder into place, Bartelmy thrust a sword deep into his chest, twisting it with an evil laugh, and watched as his mate fell dead at his feet.

Knowing that he had to leave this remote spot or starve, the evil pirate captain walked along the edge of the water, searching for a town or a harbor where he might row the escape boat. But Black Bartelmy soon found himself mired in quicksand with no one to save him. Only the gulls heard his dying curses ringing over the cape as he sank down and down into the mire and was engulfed.

One stormy night soon after the pirate's death, the keeper of the local lighthouse saw a flare going up in the direction of the Roaring Bull. Thinking it is a ship in trouble; the keeper called together a lifeboat crew and launched their boat into the icy waters, heading for the Roaring Bull. But as they approach the vessel in distress, they saw an ancient galleon with tattered sails. Its decks were piled high with treasure chests spilling over with gold. Astride the deck is a solitary man in black. The evil pirate grinned wickedly down at them, gesturing grandly with his cutlass. As the breakers overwhelmed their boat, the last thing the keeper and the rescuers heard was the sound of Black Bartelmy's ghost, laughing.

They say that the ghost of Black Bartelmy continues to haunt the Cape and the Roaring Bull to this day, and that any rescue crew summoned to save a vessel off the Roaring Bull should take every precaution, because the distressed vessel might not really be there.

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Sunday, July 30th, 2006
1:45 am - Tools for Paranormal Investigation

from Creepy Canada's website
A quick overview on how to avoid wasting your money or breaking your neck

People are drawn to investigate the paranormal for many different reasons, for some it might relate to childhood experiences, or a curiosity to explore the unknown. Lately there has been a new group of people drawn to the field because it is a chance to use cool looking electronic tools, the type seen on “ghost hunting” television shows. The high tech gear these investigators wave around can attract many want to-be Ghostbusters.

Many of these devices placed in trained hands can shed some light on the unexplained and if you are a technically minded person they can be great tools; on the other hand if you still don’t know what half the buttons on your DVD player are for it would be unwise to rush out and spend your hard earned dollars on everything you see. With that in mind let’s focus on some required items, and a few “gadgets” that might be a worthwhile investment.

First off is a very high tech item; it’s called a flashlight. It is amazing just how many people would set out to investigate dark cemeteries or woods without this critical item. It will not detect the presence of ghosts, but it may prevent you from becoming one by falling and breaking your neck in the dark. A good sturdy flashlight, such as a “Maglight” can be a lifesaver. There are also headlamps and other kinds of lights that allow you to keep your hands free when working, just try to avoid pointing your headlamp into peoples eyes every time you talk to them, it temprarilly ruins their eyes natural night-vision, and is also really annoying.

While we are in the ‘not-killing-yourself” zone, add a first aid kit, because dark locations are filled with thorns, rusty nails, and other treacherous items. A good practice is to actually look in the first aid kit beforehand and learn where the items are, as there is a strong chance you will be the one performing first aid on one of your companions. I for one do not like sitting on the ground bleeding while someone else tries to find the band-aids.

Speaking of companions, never conduct one of these investigations alone; there is safety in numbers, plus if you saw something incredible when you were alone nobody would believe you anyway.

Another valid point is obtaining permission, it is mandatory; never trespass in order to conduct an investigation. First off it is just plain disrespectful, it is also illegal, and you may be the one to find out if those “trespassers will be shot” signs have any basis in fact. While your at it make sure you have photo ID on you, because even if you do have permission and are stopped by a police officer or park ranger he will have to establish who you are. There are a lot of really weird people skulking around in the dark, and congratulations, now you’re one of them, at least until your actual identity is verified. Also try not to wear T-shirts with ghoulish slogans or symbols on them, remember what I said about strange people skulking around in the dark?

Another point is to know where you are. If you do have to call 911 for an ambulance it is essential that you are able to tell them exactly where you are located. If you are exploring a hundred year old cemetery there’s a good chance it is not a regular stop for the local paramedics. Write out the location information, copy it and give a copy to each person on your team.

Every electronic store carries an array of inexpensive two-way radios, or walkie-talkies. It is essential to remain in contact with all of your companions, if only for safety purposes. They will also allow you to convey information and feel like you’re a real pro. Also keep your cell phones on, as they may be your only lifelines to each other in areas where two way radios encounter interference.

Speaking of being in contact, try to avoid playing with things like Ouiji Boards and other Occult slanted items. People have had very strange experiences with these kinds of things, so let the psychics handle them. It can also make you look more suspicious to property owners or other members of the general public, who may think your playing with some dangerous satanic thing on their property, and maybe their right.

Now, on to the real investigation gear, the bulk of which is very simple.Collapse )

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1:21 am - Canadian Folklore - Labrador

The Trapper's Ghost
retold by S. E. Schlosser

There once was a trapper who roamed the wilds of Labrador on a sleigh pulled by eight pure white Huskies. He was a tall man, dressed in layer upon layer of animal skins, who drove his team with a terrible ferocity across the frozen tundra.

The trapper was a cruel man, and the people in the local towns did not like him, though they tolerated his company when he came to town because of the rich animal skins he brought with him. When he came to a town, the trapper would sell his skins and then drink away his money at the local tavern. When he wasn't drunk himself, the trapper assaulted the local women, picked fights with the hard-working townsmen, and tried to sell alcohol to the natives. After a few days of such behavior, the constable would toss the trapper out on his ear. Then the trapper would resume his roaming and trapping until he came to another town.

Know one knows exactly how the trapper met his fate, although it was rumored that he went a little too far in his pursuit of a local innkeeper's fair wife and was shot to death by her disgruntled husband. Other folks say he lived to an old age and died out on the trail. But it swiftly became clear that death did not end the roaming of the cruel trapper.

Each winter, the trapper's ghost roams the wilds of Labrador on a sleigh pulled by eight white Huskies. They say that his spirit was refused entry into heaven and remains forever in Labrador, atoning for the many sins he committed during his lifetime by helping lost travelers find their way home. Many a weary soul has looked up from their frantic circling to see a large sleigh pulled by white dogs coming toward them. If they follow it, they are led to safety.

Once a lost trapper found himself caught in a terrible blizzard, far from the nearest town. As he sought in vain to find a place to shelter from the storm, the phantom trapper appeared with his sleigh. Animal skins flapping in the raging wind and blinding snow, the phantom tenderly lifted the nearly-frozen man, placed him among the rugs on his sleigh, and drove the dying trapper to the nearest town. The phantom carried the man right into the inn, placed him gently on a chair by the door, summoned the innkeeper to care for the man, and then vanished right before the astonished innkeeper's eyes.

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Saturday, July 29th, 2006
9:07 pm - Canadian Haunters Unite

I found alot of Canadian haunters websites on The Halloween Project. ALOT! Also where to shop for haunt supplies, haunted attrations, haunted walks and real haunts...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I thought I'd share :)

Maybe one day, my house will be listed on that site! ;)

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Thursday, July 27th, 2006
10:35 pm - Ouija Boards

Since we've been talking a bit about Ouija boards I thought I would post some that I found while googleing; I thought they looked so good that I had to show them. =P

Not so spooky but amazing looking, trust me!Collapse )

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Tuesday, July 25th, 2006
11:07 pm - Ouija Board

*waves* Hi. I'm new XD
I posted a comment to the post regarding ouija boards, but I was encouraged to make it it's own post XD

When my friend Lisa & I were younger (probably around 10) we were having a sleep over at my house. We had gotten bored of playing with dolls, or whatever stupid thing we were doing, so we decided to get out the ouija board & see if we could contact spirits.
We got everything all set up, lit candles for the mood, all that great stuff. Sat down, put our fingers on the planchette, & waited.

& waited

& waited some more.

It wasn't any more exciting then what we had been doing previously... suddenly I had a brilliant idea [/sarcasm]
We turned the ouija board over & started taunting the spirits, hoping SOMETHING would possess the damn board & talk to us...

My ouija board went crazy after that - when we turned it over, as soon as we set the planchette on it, it spun around & off the table (we didn't even touch it)
I was putting the board back in the box after that, & there was a burn mark on the back that looked like a face with horns.

I tried throwing it out, & giving it to Goodwill, but somehow it keeps ending up back in my closet (whether it's supernatural or just me being a dumbass, who knows)

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Monday, July 24th, 2006
6:40 pm - Glengarda


I admittedly don't really know all THAT much about this location, but from I have heard...

In the east end of Windsor, on the riverfront, is a luxury Condo-complex. Mulitple towers. Still to be expanded. Originally on the site was "Glengarda Ursuline Academy of Our Lady of Prompt Succor", a convent. In the mid '30's it also became a boarding school for mentally retarded children, run by the convent. Also on the property was church, "Our Lady of Guadalupe".

I don't know the all details, but over time the property was apparently purchased and sold and changed hands, eventually sold to become condos.

After my graduating college, in 2000, I breifly became a security guard to make ends meet. The firm I worked for was contracted to provide security for the Glengarda site during construction of the first tower. During the several months I was fequently posted there, the church still remained on site, and was torn down after I had left the firm.

Glengarda is in a well-off neighborhood, but as is common on construction sites, assholes from all over flocked to the area to steal, or vandalize, or graffiti, or whatever. My job was to sit in my car, and frequently perform 'rounds' of the tower (nearing completion) and grounds. The only LIVING souls I ever saw, myself, were other guards (when I relieved a co-worker, or was relieved by one) and a close friend/roommate (more on him shortly).

I've always been open minded about the paranormal, but like to keep a healthy level of skepticism. I have experienced ALOT in my life that I would have to admit to being filed in the "un-explained" category, however.

For some reason I still can't explain, I always had this uneasy, inexplicable feeling of 'dread' on the ground floor and lower levels of the site (there is a basement to the structure, as well as an extensive underground parking garage). I was always jumpy, and nervous, and aggitated, though I could never explain why. There was no lighting on the site while I worked there. The entire place was always dark, and I only ever had my flashlight for illumination. The ground floor, especially the basement, gradually came to terrify me, though I never understood why.

Once I was up on the second floor, of the twelve floor structure, I was fine. I would even switch off my flashlight and do my rounds (each floor, in it's entirety, up and down) in the dark. But not on the ground floor or basement. After a month on site, I even found myself RUNNING my rounds on the ground floor and basement and parking garage. I was always looking behind me, spinning around quickly, and most of the time every hair on my body stood on end. I never saw or heard a single thing, but I was beyond uncomfortable none-the-less.

My good friend, and roommate at the time, also had an interest in the 'unexplained'. After telling him about the odd feelings I had on site at Glengarda, we came up with a plan of investigation. So one night, in the middle of the week, when it was dark and clear and quiet, I sneaked him onsite, and we went exploring together, with my digital camera, and flashlights in hand.

My friend also found that on the ground floor, as well as in the basement and underground garage, he felt uneasy. We took NUMEROUS photos with my digital camera. On the second floor and up, we achieved nothing. In the basement and in the underground garage, we not only ended up with dozens of photos containg 'orbs', but we also nabbed two photos in the hallway between the basement and garage that contain a "shadow", man shaped, that can't be explained, and defied physics, actually moving towards use between frames. We also 'managed' our way into the basement of the old church, where we recorded photographically more orbs than I have ever personally experienced before.

On contemplation of the site, I'm left with several thoughts. It has been my experience and understanding that ALL convents and monastarys, indeed all religous domiciles, have their own graveyards on site for those who pass on during habitation at the locale. I have never heard a single word regarding a graveyard at Glengarda, or the movement of graves following the changing of hands. Also, with the amount of frustration and emotion that must have existed on the site during it's use as a 'school for the mentally retarded', I wonder about the imbedded energies in the area.

Once I manage to upload the photos of our 'investigation', I'll post links.

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4:06 pm - Spooks galore

I had shut down this community last year, due to illness on my part. But now that the health is peachy once more, it's time to get all spooky!!! I would like to welcome back all the old members, and give a hearty HIYA to the new ones!

What I would like to know is this: Ouija Boards: Fact or Fiction? Have you ever used one? What were your experiences with them??

Personally, I am of two minds when it comes to all things paranormal. My "reason" side says it's a load of crap - people are the ones that are moving the planchette, even if they aren't aware that they are doing it. However, my "passion: side is open to all unknown things, and revels in thought of paranormal things being true.

I have used a Ouija board, both store bought & one made by a friend (selestialblue) & I. We used to have weekly Ouija sessions with some other friends of ours. There was a spirit, or so we believe, that used to visit on a regular basis. He's moved objects that we picked, turned appliances & electrical equipment off & on, and when he was there, you could "feel" his presence. He was not a malevolant spirit at all; rather a lonely boy, playful & happy to "see" us :)

We have come across some less-than-pleasant spirits, but have always managed to banish them accordingly.

So, tell me of your spiritual adventures with the Ouija!

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Saturday, December 10th, 2005
4:57 pm - New message boards

Just an invite to come join in and talk about the paranormal


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