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Ouija Board

*waves* Hi. I'm new XD
I posted a comment to the post regarding ouija boards, but I was encouraged to make it it's own post XD

When my friend Lisa & I were younger (probably around 10) we were having a sleep over at my house. We had gotten bored of playing with dolls, or whatever stupid thing we were doing, so we decided to get out the ouija board & see if we could contact spirits.
We got everything all set up, lit candles for the mood, all that great stuff. Sat down, put our fingers on the planchette, & waited.

& waited

& waited some more.

It wasn't any more exciting then what we had been doing previously... suddenly I had a brilliant idea [/sarcasm]
We turned the ouija board over & started taunting the spirits, hoping SOMETHING would possess the damn board & talk to us...

My ouija board went crazy after that - when we turned it over, as soon as we set the planchette on it, it spun around & off the table (we didn't even touch it)
I was putting the board back in the box after that, & there was a burn mark on the back that looked like a face with horns.

I tried throwing it out, & giving it to Goodwill, but somehow it keeps ending up back in my closet (whether it's supernatural or just me being a dumbass, who knows)
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