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I admittedly don't really know all THAT much about this location, but from I have heard...

In the east end of Windsor, on the riverfront, is a luxury Condo-complex. Mulitple towers. Still to be expanded. Originally on the site was "Glengarda Ursuline Academy of Our Lady of Prompt Succor", a convent. In the mid '30's it also became a boarding school for mentally retarded children, run by the convent. Also on the property was church, "Our Lady of Guadalupe".

I don't know the all details, but over time the property was apparently purchased and sold and changed hands, eventually sold to become condos.

After my graduating college, in 2000, I breifly became a security guard to make ends meet. The firm I worked for was contracted to provide security for the Glengarda site during construction of the first tower. During the several months I was fequently posted there, the church still remained on site, and was torn down after I had left the firm.

Glengarda is in a well-off neighborhood, but as is common on construction sites, assholes from all over flocked to the area to steal, or vandalize, or graffiti, or whatever. My job was to sit in my car, and frequently perform 'rounds' of the tower (nearing completion) and grounds. The only LIVING souls I ever saw, myself, were other guards (when I relieved a co-worker, or was relieved by one) and a close friend/roommate (more on him shortly).

I've always been open minded about the paranormal, but like to keep a healthy level of skepticism. I have experienced ALOT in my life that I would have to admit to being filed in the "un-explained" category, however.

For some reason I still can't explain, I always had this uneasy, inexplicable feeling of 'dread' on the ground floor and lower levels of the site (there is a basement to the structure, as well as an extensive underground parking garage). I was always jumpy, and nervous, and aggitated, though I could never explain why. There was no lighting on the site while I worked there. The entire place was always dark, and I only ever had my flashlight for illumination. The ground floor, especially the basement, gradually came to terrify me, though I never understood why.

Once I was up on the second floor, of the twelve floor structure, I was fine. I would even switch off my flashlight and do my rounds (each floor, in it's entirety, up and down) in the dark. But not on the ground floor or basement. After a month on site, I even found myself RUNNING my rounds on the ground floor and basement and parking garage. I was always looking behind me, spinning around quickly, and most of the time every hair on my body stood on end. I never saw or heard a single thing, but I was beyond uncomfortable none-the-less.

My good friend, and roommate at the time, also had an interest in the 'unexplained'. After telling him about the odd feelings I had on site at Glengarda, we came up with a plan of investigation. So one night, in the middle of the week, when it was dark and clear and quiet, I sneaked him onsite, and we went exploring together, with my digital camera, and flashlights in hand.

My friend also found that on the ground floor, as well as in the basement and underground garage, he felt uneasy. We took NUMEROUS photos with my digital camera. On the second floor and up, we achieved nothing. In the basement and in the underground garage, we not only ended up with dozens of photos containg 'orbs', but we also nabbed two photos in the hallway between the basement and garage that contain a "shadow", man shaped, that can't be explained, and defied physics, actually moving towards use between frames. We also 'managed' our way into the basement of the old church, where we recorded photographically more orbs than I have ever personally experienced before.

On contemplation of the site, I'm left with several thoughts. It has been my experience and understanding that ALL convents and monastarys, indeed all religous domiciles, have their own graveyards on site for those who pass on during habitation at the locale. I have never heard a single word regarding a graveyard at Glengarda, or the movement of graves following the changing of hands. Also, with the amount of frustration and emotion that must have existed on the site during it's use as a 'school for the mentally retarded', I wonder about the imbedded energies in the area.

Once I manage to upload the photos of our 'investigation', I'll post links.
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